Her Thoughts

August 11, 2008 at 7:35 am (POEMS/QUOTATIONS/STORIES) (, )

I know you do not notice me,
You’re working way too hard.
I watch you from the living room,
While you landscape our yard.

I think about the many times,
You’ve taken on a task.
When all I did was mention it,
I did not even ask.

Your love for me excites me,
All the ways you’ve made it shown.
You are the kindest loving man,
My heart has ever known.

I love you as you share with me,
Your generosity.
But what always thrills my heart,
Is how you cherish me.

I see the perspiration,
As you stop to wipe your brow.
The thought of your aroma,
Brings excitement even now.

I see your muscles ripple,
As they catch the light just right.
And think of how those muscles,
Hold me gently in the night.

I see your hands so strong and firm,
As you use them so free.
And think how gently those same hands,
Feel when caressing me.

I love to feel your hands on me,
So gentle to the touch.
Then realize you are my world,
And I love you so much.

I think how handsome that you are,
And I begin to smile.
My friends have said when I am tired,
They’ll take you for a while.

My friends have even told me,
And I know I must agree.
I am so very fortunate,
You’re so in love with me.

I see you’re almost finished,
And I know within the hour.
I’ll hear the water flowing down,
Your body in the shower.

I love you so completely,
You are all a man could be.
I love the gentle tender way,
Your love has set me free.

The thought of you excites me,
To the point of no control.
The love we share together,
Reaches to my inner soul.

I know you’ll hold me in your arms,
And I will feel your love.
And as I sit and watch you now,
It’s all I’m thinking of.

My love for you cannot be said,
In words that can be seen.
But later on tonight my love,
You’ll know just what I mean.

I know the love we share together,
Was sent from above.
And we’ve been blessed to have each other,
And this precious love.

James A. Kisner


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