Mahaba ba pasensiya moh?!!Read this!!

August 28, 2008 at 11:46 am (POEMS/QUOTATIONS/STORIES) ()

1. I need 2 tell u something, read number 5

2. Are u in a rush? read number 8

3. Are u curious? read number 9

4. Look its the following….u betta read number 15

5. I havent got the guts….just read number 17

6. I would like to tell u..but u should read number 16

7. I’ll tell u…but first read number 2

8. Its very simple…just read number 4

9. Dont get nervous..its simple..jus read number 18

10. Not yet…but read number 19

11. Are u gettin tired? relax…just read number 13

12. Like i was sayin….read number 3

13. You’re nearly there….read number 20
14. Just dropped by 2 say HI THERE,wassup!! hihihi..brrrr!
15. Ur getting nervous..just read number 6
16. U still dont get it? just read number 12
17. Oh! im embarassed….read number 7
18. I dunno if u’ll understand…just read number 10
19. Read number 11…slowly…and u’ll find out
20. Now im’a tell u….read number 14…really
quietly ok?


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