Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids (A reaction paper)

May 20, 2010 at 2:06 am (REVIEWS) ()

Playful, imaginable, full of aspiration and has the determination to learn and adopt a new skill. These are some of the traits kids possess. What adults can learn from kids? The title says it all. Adult knows how to propose a lot of ideas out of a raw idea, but kids could give very fresh new ideas out of nothing. What comprises it all? A blank mind because of his innocence.

Kids can be full of inspiring aspirations and hopeful thinking. They keep dreaming and make themselves believe that it could possible happen. That is a good thing because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first.

Kids don’t think about the limitations. They just think of good ideas. One good example is my niece. I used to give them a toy named Lego. I let them play it to make them busy and to avoid running and shouting. As I watched them play and create different things using the Lego, I noticed that through there simple imaginations, they are able to build and create things out of these Lego blocks. They build buildings, robots, castle and a lot more using the Lego blocks because they believe they can create it using those unmatched blocks. They rely on their magnificent imaginations. They knew that everything is possible.

School. The house of knowledge, a place of learning and this is where the biggest part of development occurs. An educator and the one being educated, a believer and the one who keeps in believing, a teacher and a student, a knowledgeable adult and an imaginative kid, different points on how an adult and a youngster is called. A school, a teacher and student, from here we could consider that these are some of the most important factors that embodies the concept of learning.

Learning does not mean that an educator needs to teach all the things that he knows to a growing kid. Learning between grownups and kids should be reciprocal. Kids grow and so they mature. They like to play and build things out of their innocent minds. Grownups could try to relate to it and start opening their minds about what a kid is actually doing. Kids developed and learned a lot of things as time pass by while adults help them grow and understand how these developments occur. The exchange of learning between an adult and a kid goes reciprocal. The same process with same effect.

“If you don’t trust someone, you place hesitations on them.”

Childish acts. A child will always be a child and they are still going to play anytime they want. They will cry whenever they want. They will ask for assistance and seek for attention. The adult population should learn and take into account the wishes of the young population.

It is a requirement in humans’ life that we are required to become kid and had an innocent mind. It is what we call, the stage of development. Take a look at a College student who is already Eighteen years old and is licensed to drive and allowed drink. Considering that his of proper and legal age, it always comes to a point that someone would actually say that he is childish. In reality, grownups could not really avoid these acts because people once passed by stage of being young. It is the best part of our lives where attention and care is putted to us. No responsibilities and hard work in order to survive.

What’s even worse than restriction is when adults often underestimate kid’s abilities. Kids love challenges. They like taking things as a game. They love doing things even though expectations of adults are low. But even though the expectations are low, they sink the challenge and give it a try. Restrictions could not help in developing kid’s abilities well. It could only make a hindrance to their development. Adults should put their trust to their kid’s abilities because this will help them to learn how to face life and learn how to survive. As what the saying says, “Practice makes perfect.”

Kids grown up and becomes adult as time passes by. They are our future and next generation. They will be the adults who will take our turns and be on the lead when we are old. The goal is not to turn kids into some kind of adults but rather better adults that some have been. The way progress happens is because new generations are new era’s grown and develop and become better than the previous ones. Kids grow and so does opportunity and responsibility. Kids are the future leaders and so adults should give opportunities that will mould them for a brighter tomorrow.

Learn to lend ears from kids today because they are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the future generation of the adult population. Kids are the ones who are going to take good care of the next generation, the one who will bring this world forward. They are the future Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, and other important personalities of tomorrow. They are the ones who are next in line in serving the world for the better.

A kid will always be a kid but always remember, from his childish acts, you will learn something new. From his innocence, you will learn how to value education and be an educator yourself. How a kid develops his life depends on the environment he grew up. We have to mould them to be the best and don’t let their skills and talents be put to waste. Kids dreams for better dreams. No limitations and no hesitations.


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